St. Martin’s Retreat Center, Grenada

St. Martin’s Retreat Center, Grenada
The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother began managing the St. Martin’s Retreat Center in Mt. St. Ervan’s, Grenada, in April of 2016, at the request of Bishop Vincent Darius of the Catholic Diocese of St. George’s, Grenada, which owns the building.
The Center, which is the only Retreat Center on the island, caters to the needs of all the faithful, including non-Catholic religious and governmental organizations, as well as regional and international conferences. As part of the agreement, the Bishop specified that emphasis be placed on youth, young adults and families. 
To date the programs offered a re:
·         Confirmation
·         Advent retreats for youth and young adults
·         High school graduation retreats
·         Customized retreats at the request of specific groups
Summer Camp for children and youth
Mass at the request of individuals and groups
Future Programs/Services
·         Faith Formation for youth and young adults
·         Couples and family retreats
·         Retreats for young men
·         Spiritual direction
·         Small Christian weddings
The Sisters provide hospitality for all who use the center and have employed persons to assist us, including two gardeners, a chef and a cleaner. Three Sisters and two postulants minister daily, providing the Center’s programs and retreats, as well as working alongside the staff to tend to the grounds and gardens.

In the fall of 2016, Sisters and supporters gathered donations through a “care for our common home” project in which trees, plants and flowers were purchased for the Center. Plantings included a wide variety of fruit and nut trees, flowers and plants, including palm, rose, nutmeg and orange trees; plantain plants; anturiams, bouganvilleas, ginger lilies, orchids and hibiscus; and pomegranates, mangoes, limes, lemons, cherries and more. The Sisters are beginning a compost program and hope to eventually sell fruits, vegetables and compost.