New Genesis Community

A New Genesis Community

A New Genesis is a community within the Catholic Church founded in the spirit of Vatican II.  Members of A New Genesis include vowed women and associate members who are single, married, or divorced.  We attempt to live in openness to the Spirit as we discern and live a new gift of consecrated life for the church.

Mission and Charism

Members of A New Genesis are empowered by the Spirit to be Resurrection people who support one another personally and in ministry to the church and the world.

From the very beginning, A New Genesis Community has been moved by the Spirit to become a community to minister within the church and world.  We identify our charism as radical openness to the Spirit.

Rejoicing in the Past ; Trusting in the Future; Open to the Spirit

Our strength and directions flow from celebrating the dying and rising of Jesus (Paschal Mystery) in the Eucharist, listening to the Holy Spirit in prayer, and affirming and sharing our gifts and talents as we continue Christ’s mission.  Ministry takes a variety of forms, but the focus is always on reaching out in loving service to further God’s reign through the power of the Holy Spirit.